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sábado, 4 de setembro de 2010

Law X favour

“Now however, freed of the law, we are died for that the one that was me the citizens, in way that we serve in newness of spirit and not in the caducity of the letter” (Roman 7.6)

today I write to all, remembering that unhappyly many people live in the law of the men forgetting to live in the law of GOD. I do not want to judge, but I see that the people value more to keep the Saturday of what to have the favour of God on the proper life. Pablo when he wrote the text above was starting to say on the law and the sin, if Pablo says the same in versicle 7 of chapter that the law is not sin, who is I stops arguing, but in the same verse in it makes them to enxergar that for knowing the law you do not covet we also know covets it.
Unhappyly the human being has “dom” to commit errors, our spirit wants that let us make the good but our meat not aid, finishes sinning for being weak in the faith why we are safe not by means of the law, but for the favour that is favor not deserved.
it talks with God at this moment, if you feel yourself weak in the faith, if have worried more about the law of the man of what with the law of God, she thinks more about what other they go to find of you and she forgets what God thinks its respect, if delivers It who concerteza can change this history.

“Thus to the perpetual, immortal, invisible King, only God, honor and Gloria per the centuries of the centuries. Amen! “(1Tm 1.17)


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