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quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

what it is to be happy?

you already it tried the essence of the happiness? E knows what realmete is to be happy?
I have for certain that the complete happiness is only found in Jesus, I go to explain because: Many people need if to get passionate to complete and to be happy, others a cigarette alcoholic beverage cup of, other, other, of friends still need, I however say that one that is not necessary friend of God of something to complete itself because It is complete and in he fulls them to each day with its Spirit but he is clearly that in he in accordance with fulls them that we ask for, why in the bible is written in
Efésios 5:18 - and you do not inebriate yourselves with wine, where he has dispute, BUT FULL YOU OF the SPIRIT, that is we have that to give the first step, they repair that is written FULLS YOU and It will not full you. It lowers its fronte and talks with the alive God Almighty therefore only has the power to bring in our lives the comforting Spirit that in fulls them of all joy and makes to produce in us its fruits: LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONGANIMIDADE, BENIGNANCY, GOODNESS, ALLEGIANCE, MANSIDÃO AND PROPER DOMAIN, and all we know that against these things he does not have law. Great I hug that God blesses them


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